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This site used to be Jesus Focused Mentoring (for ADHDers). Why did it change?

There are several reasons:

  1. It always felt weird to me to have it under my name. I didn’t want the business/site to be all about me; I wanted it to be all about Jesus (b/c w/o Him I wouldn’t be able to do this, He is constantly helping me, rebuilding me, renewing me, & restoring me; I’d be nothing without Him). And Jesus working through me/us.
  2. I wanted to help out more of you guys.
  3. I wanted to help other brothers & sisters in Christ by paying them well & giving them a balanced work/life/time with God/& doing His will schedule.
  4. I wanted to build a company that was like a Spiritual family/house church.
  5. I was always ridiculously exhausted & burned out, & when I’m like that it’s hard for me to help & serve anyone.
  6. And lastly, the schedule didn’t allow me to be their for my future wife & kids as much as I want to be for them.


So I rebuilt & am still in the process (2015) of building the company from a 1 man show into a much smarter (1 Cor. 12, Rom. 12, for starters), more profitable 12-16 employee company.


The company’s website has moved to http://JesusFocusedMentoring.com if you’re looking for help with your struggles &/or finding God’s calling for you life. That’s the place to go.


With this site brandoncordoba.com I’d like to keep it; but have no idea what to do with it right now? If you have any ideas I’d love to hear em: b@brandoncordoba.com Thanks! 🙂

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