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(2 of 4) Sagely Solitude Series: Legacy


“Clasp” always loved the “solid” sound Mercedes doors make. Inside it looked like I was in the office in the middle of the woods I can only imaging how crazy the other campers thought I was (perhaps that’s why they were waving & smiling so much)? bastards…jokin

I had my wall of perspective on huge (25×35.5in) sketch paper surrounding me with “It’s Your Call” by Gary Barkalow, my Bible, & with Revive Blink’s newest CD swaying in the background of the hermetically sealed car & penetrating my subconscious…


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(1 of 4) Sagely Solitude Series: Pain Vs Beauty

Crazy Running Story while Primitive Camping out in Brazos Bend

Last time I was running with squinching dilated pupils amidst the darkness & swampy smell of gators all around me.


Focused flashbacks reminded me of the lessons learned & this time I was (still) running through dangers but with more difference (pun intended). :)


Feelings of peace, wholeness, & trust pushed aside the fear, pain, & darkness. As the blurry picture above became my vivid reality I felt His pleasure flowing thru me. :)

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My 30th B-day

Feel like I’ve grown 100 years (spiritually & mentally) in the last 10. Anyone else felt this way when they hit 30? Yes this is the blog post this week I’m taking a break. How are you guys doing? Any topics you want me to talk about? Post em below & have a great week bro! :)

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